Coyotes Within Bayside
The Police Department has received calls regarding coyote sightings within the village. While most coyotes do not harm humans or pets, some smaller animals may be vulnerable. It is important to remember a few tips to help you and your family stay safe.

Coyote Tips

 A few points to remember:
  • Do not feed coyotes
  • If you see a coyote, be aggressive in your behavior - make loud noises, wave your arms, and throw sticks and stones
  • Do not allow pets to run free, keep them on a leash and stay outside with them
  • Do not leave food outside either intentionally or unintentionally (dog food, fruit trees, compost)
  • Make any garbage inaccessible to coyotes and other animals
  • Eliminate availability of bird seed. Coyotes are attracted to the concentration of birds and rodents that come to feeders. If you do feed birds, clean up waste, seed, and spillage
  • Remove brush and tall grass from around your property to reduce protective cover for coyotes