Emotionally Intelligent Traffic Sign Contest

Enhancing Pedestrian, Bicycle and Vehicle Safety

Entry Form. Deadline May 22, 4 pm.  

The Village is embarking in a non-traditional way of enhancing pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle safety. This program is one component of a multi-faceted approach to slow vehicular traffic on Village streets, enhance driver attentiveness, and ultimately create a safer place for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic.  With the "emotionally intelligent" signage contest, children and the public would create their own emotionally intelligent signage.  Signs bearing slogans such as "Get off your phone,” and “Don’t be in a hurry, you’ll make my mom worry” are just some of the unique ways communities have raised awareness and educated residents on pedestrian and vehicular safety. 


In general, the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control provides the specifics on what signage should be present to ensure the safety of all. However, as we have probably all witnessed, those signs are often ignored or overlooked by vehicular traffic.  Village Manager Andy Pederson stated, “This type of program is part of a growing trend that plays on people’s emotionally intelligent or empathetic component of thinking to help garner attention to traffic and pedestrian safety.  The goal is that this program will increase pedestrian safety not only in Bayside but throughout the area.”  The Village embarked on a similar effort in 2011 with positive results and significant community engagement.  


Entry forms are due by May 22 at 4:00 pm to Bayside Village Hall, 9075 N. Regent Road.  The program will include a competition to select three winning entries that will be produced and installed throughout the Village. 

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2011 Emotionally Intelligent Signage Contest Information...

After months of evaluation, the Winners (PDF) have been selected. The winning selections will now be made into street signs and placed throughout the Village. View some of the comments that sign evaluators made about the emotionally intelligent signs.