Fund for Lake Michigan Stormwater Grant


The Village has been awarded a Fund for Lake Michigan Grant to create a stormwater flow path model for the Pelham Heath neighborhood and an outdoor classroom with three (3) different designs for stormwater ditches. The Pelham Heath neighborhood is bound by Brown Deer Road to the north, Lake Drive to the east, Fox Point village limits to the south, and the railroad tracks to the west. 


A series of educational articles will be published throughout the the project. These articles will be a mix of project-specific updates, stormwater management information, and best practices. 

Grant Awarded and Introduction

Why Do I Have a Stormwater Ditch?

Why Can't I Have a Cement-Lined Stormwater Ditch?

In Case You Missed It

Pelham-Heath Stormwater Meetings

Stormwater Ditch Design

Can Natural Materials Be Water Pollutants?

Stormwater Project Update


Flow Path Model with Elevations 

Flow Path Model with Elevations and Recommended Improvements 

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Green Infrastructure (GI) Presentation - February 21 Meeting

Kapur and Associates Presentation - February 21

Upcoming Meetings 

Stay tuned for more details on the next meeting date.