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Bayside Mediation Center

Facilitating Conflict Resolution for Individuals and Businesses

The Bayside Mediation Center is a service for individuals and businesses in the Bayside community, offering assistance in resolving conflicts and disputes.

Our mediation process empowers individuals to discover their own solutions, guided by skilled mediators. Our mission is to establish a secure and welcoming environment for addressing ongoing issues. During mediation sessions, individuals have the opportunity to collaboratively devise mutually agreeable solutions with the support of a trained, impartial third-party mediator. It’s important to note that the mediator refrains from making decisions or determining right and wrong—this process differs significantly from a court hearing or counseling session.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our mediation sessions, which are conducted in a private neutral setting. While maintaining a casual atmosphere, our structured sessions aim to clarify issues and guide participants towards mutual agreement. Each party is afforded the opportunity to express themselves without interruption. In the event an agreement is reached, it can be formally signed by the involved parties. Prior to participating in a mediation session, we encourage parties to contemplate potential solutions to the problem at hand.

Mediations can typically be scheduled within two weeks after a referral is made by a myBlue Officer. This stands in stark contrast to the potentially lengthy timelines of the judicial system, offering a more efficient avenue for conflict resolution.

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