Leaf Collection

Posted on September 27, 2021

leavesThe next loose leaf collection begins Monday, November 29. As a reminder:

  • Please set leaves curbside, out of the ditch, and not in the road for pickup.
  • Please have all loose leaves consolidated into 1 pile per property.
  • Leaves should not be put into bags for collection during loose leaf season. If leaves are bagged, they will be picked up only on yard waste collection weeks.
  • Place material away from mailboxes or other structures so that it may be easily accessible. Do not mix leaves with other yard waste, such as branches or twigs.
  • Please keep all leaves out of the ditch and culvert area, this will help during the wet fall and spring season.
  • Open burning of leaves is prohibited.
For more information, visit our video tutorial or the 2021 Collection Guide.
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