Paperless Permitting

The Village is excited to announce the launch of online building permits! This paperless alternative will modernize the permitting process and promote ease of access. It is not only environmentally friendly, but it will also foster better and easier communication between the Village, contractors, and residents.


Now, residents and contractors can submit a building permit application on the Village website (Services – Bayside, WI), through SeeClickFix, or through the app Access Bayside. Once the building permit request is submitted, it will get sent to Village Hall, where it will be reviewed and processed within 2 business days. Village Hall will follow up to all requests via e-mail on the cost of the permit and how to pay.

Please use the links below to watch videos on how to submit a permit application online via and the Access Bayside Phone App. If you have any troubles or follow up questions, please e-mail Leah Hofer at

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