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Polling Location Accessibility

The Village of Bayside encourages persons with disabilities to vote. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access to the polling place, please call 414-206-3915 in advance of or on Election Day.

Voting options available to persons with disabilities include:

  • Absentee voting (your ballot mailed to your home or in-person two weeks prior to the election).
  • Curbside voting (your ballot brought to your vehicle outside the polling place on Election Day). Arrive at the polling location on Election Day and call 414-206-3915 for assistance.
  • Curbside voting is also available during early absentee voting. Call 414-206-3915 and someone will come to your vehicle.
  • Voting at the polling site, a voting device to assist persons with vision, hearing, or physical disabilities mark their ballots privately and independently.
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