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Why did I get this letter from Accurate Appraisal? Is it legitimate?

Accurate Appraisal, LLC, the assessing firm that Village has contracted with for property assessments, updates ⅙ of the property record cards for the Village of Bayside each year. Although ⅙ of the properties have been chosen for an interior walk through, the entire municipality will be revalued. If you have received a letter, your property has been chosen this year to be updated. The purpose of the walk through is to obtain a proper listing of the rooms and to gather other essential data to make a fair and equitable assessment of your property. Without proper interior data, they must make certain presumptions and estimates that may not be correct. In such situations, Accurate Appraisal, LLC cannot be held responsible for errors that may jeopardize an accurate property assessment. Also, you could lose the right to appeal the assessment to the Board of REview should it be in error. Wisconsin Statute 70.47, paragraph 7 (aa): “No person shall be allowed to appear before the Board of Review if they have refused a reasonable written request by the assessor to view the property.”

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