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FAQ Topic: Did You Know?

Do I have to stop for an unmarked police car that is behind me?

Yes, the police officers understand that drivers are skeptical of vehicles that do not have regular police markings and emergency lighting on the roof. Police officers expect drivers to travel to a well-lit and even populated location before stopping, such as a fast food restaurant or gas station. Police officers also understand if drivers are … Continued

Can I legally make a U-Turn in Milwaukee County?

Wisconsin State Law permits U-turns at controlled intersections unless signs are installed to indicate the maneuver is prohibited. U-turns will have to be made from the left-most turn lane in the same fashion as a conventional left turn. Vehicles on the intersecting street attempting to turn right on red must yield to the U-turning vehicle. … Continued

How does my 16-year-old obtain a Wisconsin driver’s license?

To earn a probationary driver’s license as a teen, you must hold an instruction permit for at least 6 months. Within this time, you must fulfill the following requirements to qualify. You must be at least 16 years old. You must have an adult sponsor. You must pass an approved drivers education course. You must … Continued

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