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FAQ Topic: Garbage and Recycling

Why did the Village put a sticker on my recycling can?

The sticker that was placed on your can was installed by the DPW in an effort to curb the unacceptable items from being placed in the cans. The stickers lay out what is acceptable while also stating what shouldn’t be in them. These stickers are being installed on every recycling can in the Village.

Why can’t plastic bags go in recycling containers?

Plastic bags get tangled in the processing equipment. Plastic bags can be recycled at many department stores in the area. Waste Management states that the best practice is to place items directly in the recycling can with no bag at all.

When will my garbage be collected?

Fairy Chasm Road and all roads to the north are on Monday; anything south of Fairy Chasm Road will be on Tuesday. Recycling alternates every other week north/south. Schedules are available online. Schedules change around holidays so be sure to check the calendar during these times.

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