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FAQ Topic: Permits & Inspections

I don’t know if I need a permit, what should I do?

In general, alterations to the building structure including the building’s heating, electrical, or plumbing systems requires a permit. Please refer to the Village’s Building Permit guide and Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC Permit guide for more information on when permits are needed. If you are still unsure, please contact Village Hall at 414-206-3915.

How do I know the cost of my permit?

Permit costs can be found on the front page of the Village’s fee schedule. The costs are determined by estimated cost of the project or square footage.

How do I submit a building permit application?

Permit applications may be submitted online via the Village’s website. A completed building permit application can also be mailed to Village Hall or e-mailed to

Do I need a dumpster permit?

Yes, a permit is needed for any dumpster, bagster, pod, or other unenclosed storage receptacle that exceeds 2.5 cubic yards. Please find the dumpster permit application here.

How do I get an inspection for my building project?

The Village contracts inspection services through SAFEBuilt, Inc. To schedule an inspection for your building project, contact SAFEBuilt, Inc. at (262) 420-4732 or by email at

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