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FAQ Topic: Phone Basics

When should I not call 911?

911 is for immediate life-threatening emergencies. Do not call 911 for road/travel information, legal advice, civil matter questions, telephone directory assistance, or community event information. A telephone directory or internet sites have this information and numbers.

What do I do if I accidentally call 911?

Most importantly, DO NOT HANG UP. Stay on the line until the dispatcher answers. Explain that you accidentally called 911 and there is no emergency. Be prepared to verify your current location and/or meet with an officer who may respond to your location to confirm that there is no emergency.

How can I prevent my child from accidentally calling 911?

Teaching children when to call 911 is just as important as teaching them how to place a 911 call. Parents should also be aware that wireless phones without a current calling plan through a wireless provider are still capable of connecting a call to a local 911 center. Children should be told not to dial … Continued

How do you make a 911 call?

In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 on your phone. Stay calm and state your emergency. Speak loudly and clearly. Give the 911 dispatcher your name, phone number and the address where help is needed. Answer the dispatcher’s questions. Stay on the telephone as long as it’s safe to do so, and don’t hang up until the … Continued

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