FAQ Topic: Public Works

Can DPW come and cut my grass?

No, the Department of Public Works does not mow any private land. In the event of a property maintenance violation, the Village will make arrangements for the grass to be cut.

When will the mulch be restocked? How often?

Mulch will be restocked weekly. To access the mulch, turn onto the Village’s property from Fairy Chasm Road across from Broadmoor Road. The mulch is behind the sledding hill.

Why are you littering the roads with toilet paper?

It is not littering, the toilet paper acts as a sealant to hold the tar in place after the crew has performed road crack filling, allows for traffic to drive on it immediately, and prevents it from sticking to car tires which will pull the tar out of the roadway.

Why isn’t my grass growing?

The grass seed that the Village uses takes anywhere from 10-21 days to show signs of growth. There are so many variables that play into this such as the time of year, temperature, and moisture being the main factors. If restoration has happened in your yard, please help the Village out and give it some … Continued

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