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Planning and Zoning

Comprehensive Plan

The Village retained Vandewalle and Associates to assist in the Comprehensive Plan process. The Comprehensive Plan is a document that is statutorily required. It was previously prepared around 2008-2010. In the mid-2000s, the State began to require municipalities to update their Comprehensive Plan every 10 years to look at the future of the community. The Village Board approved Comprehensive Plan 2042 on April 21, 2022. For more information on the Comprehensive Plan, view the CPU page.

Planned Unit Developement

Architectural plans for the proposed new North Shore Library within the OneNorth development "Building C" were formally reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee on Monday, November 14. The Committee recommended the project to the Plan Commission.

Additional plans and technical review for the proposed Building C occurred at the Plan Commission meeting on Wednesday, November 30.

The project was recommended by the Plan Commission to be discussed by the Village Board at the December 15 meeting.

For more information on the Planned Unit Development, view the PUD page.

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