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FAQ Topic: Finance and Administration

Can the Village replace my mailbox?

The Village has a Mailbox Replacement Program. The Department of Public Works will replace your old or damaged mailbox with a new mailbox consisting of 1 standard black, white, or grey box (your choice!) and 1 standard wood post at a cost of $200. To request a mailbox replacement, visit Access Bayside and fill out … Continued

What is the letter I got from Accurate Appraisal?

The letter you received is an assessment change notice. If you don’t agree with the assessed value on your home, contact Accurate Appraisal by calling the number on the assessment change notice letter.

Does the Village have a survey of my property?

Please check the paperwork received at the closing of your home for a survey. In general, the Village does not have a survey for your property. If a survey had been submitted in the past for a project, the Village may have one in the property file. The Village does not provide surveying services. If … Continued

Why do I need an address on my mailbox if it’s on my house?

Having a community standard that requires numerals on both sides of the mailbox AND on the building makes it easy for first responders to find your home or business quickly, especially at night. The Village ordinance requires all dwellings and commercial establishments to have the numbers of their address clearly visibly on both sides of … Continued

Where is my property line? Where can I find my property line? Does the Village keep record of where my property line is? What happens if my property line is not in my property file?

The property line is the line that separates you from your neighbors’ properties. This line can be found by looking for metal stakes in the yard.  You can find your property line by getting a survey of your property. The Village of Bayside might have your property survey in your property file which you can … Continued

How do I apply for a lottery credit on my home?

You may claim this credit on current property taxes, if on January 1, you were the owner of the property and used the property as your primary residence. Lottery credit forms must be received by January 31, to process at the Municipality.  Late lottery credits can be requested at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. You … Continued

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