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FAQ Topic: Water

My neighbor’s downspout drains directly into my yard, is this legal?

No, Village code states that no sump pump, downspout, catch basin, drain tile, swimming pool, hot tub, or spa drain outfall, including temporary extensions added thereto, may direct water within ten feet of adjoining properties or otherwise affect drainage on adjoining properties, including, but not limited to, federal, state, county and village owned properties, thoroughfares … Continued

How can I avoid basement backups during a heavy rain event?

While there are no guaranteed ways to prevent backups, there are a few things you can do to prevent the likelihood of one occurring in your home. During heavy rains, do not run the washer or dishwasher if you don’t have to. Also, limit the amount of time in the shower. Inspect your lateral and … Continued

What is a private lateral?

A private sanitary lateral is the pipe that connects your home (sinks, showers, toilets) to the Village’s sanitary sewer system. The private lateral ownership and maintenance responsibility is that of the property owner.

What is a bio retention system?

It is an underground stormwater management tool that is used to collect water under the surface and allow it to slowly disperse into the ground. It is constructed of stone, pea gravel, sand and finally dirt which will be replanted with grass.

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