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Village Basics/Committee Info

Access Bayside is an online program that allows Village staff to connect with residents. Residents can create an account which allows them to create service requests such as special pick-ups and mulch deliveries. Once the service request is completed, the resident needs to go back to the Village website and pay for the order. Another way to pay is to come into Village Hall and pay using check or credit.

Various committees meet throughout the month. View Village committee meetings on the Board and Committees Meetings page.

    • Administrative Services: (414) 206-3913
    • Fire Department Non-Emergency: (414) 351-8904
    • Police Department Non-Emergency: (414) 206-3916
    • Public Works: (414) 206-3912
    • Village Hall: (414) 206-3915

Voting and Elections

The only time the Village sends out a letter to any voter is if the information that has been sent by the voter is incomplete. The letter will be sent on Village of Bayside letterhead and signed by a Village employee. The Village does not send out letters requesting you to register to vote.

Yes, if your address changes you need to re-register at your new address. This can be done at

First, make sure you are registered to vote. Then, go to to request an absentee ballot. Remember that you must provide a photo ID.

You can register to vote online at, at Village Hall, or at the polls. The voting location is Bayside Village Hall: 9075 N Regent Rd.

Property Taxes

Contact the Register of Deeds for your respective county, Milwaukee County or Ozaukee County, to get the name changed on the tax bill. They will notify the Village of name changes.

Refunds are processed within 3 weeks of receipt of the payment through the payables process.

You may claim this credit on current property taxes, if on January 1, you were the owner of the property and used the property as your primary residence. Lottery credit forms must be received by January 31, to process at the Municipality.  Late lottery credits can be requested at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. You can have only one primary residence.

The Village will continue to place the B-Bond payment on the property tax bill until it is paid off. You do not need to notify the Village.

The special assessment is B-Bond water. The special charge on the tax bill is sewer and stormwater that is billed annually.

The Village must follow Wisconsin State Statute Sec. 74.47 which states penalty and interest is charged on delinquent general property taxes. We do not have the ability to waive these charges.

The Village of Bayside tax bill that homeowners receive in December is based on the requests from several different taxing jurisdictions. There are three different districts in Bayside and two different county’s that submit requests for money. Those requests are submitted to us in late November. The tax bill mill rate cannot be calculated until all requests and credits are received.

Tax payments can be paid at Village Hall: 9075 N. Regent Rd. Bayside, WI 53217 or online at Account Information: One Time Payment: Village of Bayside (WI) (

You can view your property taxes online:

Milwaukee County Tax Bill

Ozaukee County Tax Bill

Call Village Hall at 414-206-3915 if you have trouble.

Property taxes are not calculated until December. You can view your property taxes online:

Milwaukee County Tax Bill

Ozaukee County Tax Bill

Call Village Hall at 414-206-3915 if you have trouble.

Assessed Value

The letter you received is an assessment change notice. If you don’t agree with the assessed value on your home, contact Accurate Appraisal by calling the number on the assessment change notice letter.

The process to appeal the appraisal is called the Board of Review process. This annual process is normally completed in July with regards to the assessed value for the upcoming tax bill. Assessed values cannot be changed for the year once the Board of Review is closed. A revaluation of property values is done every year to help the Village continue to stay as close to the 100% of fair market value as possible. Contact Accurate Appraisal at 1-800-770-3927 or by email at if you would like your home assessment reviewed.

Not necessarily. The fact that a property sells for less than the assessed value does not automatically reduce an assessment. The assessor’s office reviews sales annually and compares those sale prices to the assessed value. Typically, if the assessment is within 10% of the sale price, the assessment will remain the same.

For those properties that sell outside of that 10% figure, further research is conducted by the assessor’s office to determine whether or not that sale was an open market sale. An open market sale is defined as a property being on the open market with neither the buyer nor the seller being compelled to act. The parties must also be unrelated. It is suggested that a purchaser contact the assessor’s office to review the assessment should the sale price be less than the assessed value. The assessor may be contacted at (800) 770-3927.

The average assessed value of a home for 2022 is $450,960.

The Village Assessor Accurate Appraisal. A revaluation is done every year to help the Village continue to stay as close to the 100 percent of fair market value as possible. If you should have any questions or wish to request an Assessment Review of your home, please call Accurate Appraisal at 1-800-770-3927.


The Village has a Mailbox Replacement Program.

The Department of Public Works will replace your old or damaged mailbox with a new mailbox consisting of 1 standard black, white, or grey box (your choice!) and 1 standard wood post at a cost of $200. To request a mailbox replacement, visit Access Bayside and fill out a service request. Payment can be made online or in person at Village Hall. Payment must be made prior to installation.
Mailboxes are installed by USPS standards. Mailboxes come with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase.

Having a community standard that requires numerals on both sides of the mailbox AND on the building makes it easy for first responders to find your home or business quickly, especially at night. The Village ordinance requires all dwellings and commercial establishments to have the numbers of their address clearly visibly on both sides of their mailbox or post. In addition, the numbers shall be affixed to the front of the building in a location clearly visible from the street. The numbers shall be a contrasting color and a minimum of three inches high (Ordinance 14-30).

The Village has inspected mailboxes to determine if they are straight, stable, and sturdy. If your mailbox is leaning or appears to be unstable, you need to repair it prior to the winter snow season. If you do not repair your mailbox and the snow from a plow knocks it over, the Village will not replace your mailbox.

Property Lines

Please check the paperwork received at the closing of your home for a survey. In general, the Village does not have a survey for your property. If a survey had been submitted in the past for a project, the Village may have one in the property file. The Village does not provide surveying services. If the Village does not have a survey of your property and you need one, you will need to hire a surveyor.

The property line is the line that separates you from your neighbors’ properties. This line can be found by looking for metal stakes in the yard.  You can find your property line by getting a survey of your property. The Village of Bayside might have your property survey in your property file which you can request to view. Let Village staff know that you are looking for your property line, and you will be sent your property file via email. Staff will send the entire property file in the form of PDFs.

The Village does not have a surveyor on staff. If you need a survey of your property completed, please contact a surveyor. The Village cannot recommend anybody for the service

You can contact Village Hall and Village staff will email your property file in the form of PDFs.

Licensing and Permitting

Yes, all garage, rummage, estate or other sales require a permit.

Licenses are required for pets aged five (5) months and older. Proof of current rabies vaccination with the rabies certificate number and expiration date must be provided to issue the license. Pet licenses can be obtained from MADACC or from Village Hall. Licenses must be renewed each year.

Property Information

If you ordered a public tree, the tree will go in the right-of-way of your yard. The Village will give stakes for the resident to request where it goes.

If you ordered a private tree, you have the choice of where the tree goes on your property.

Contact Village Hall for the amount, they change twice a year before the debt payment is paid.

Anyone who is digging should first contact Diggers Hotline. Diggers Hotline can determine if the pipes/cable lines extend onto other properties. After the paint is placed in the yard, the Diggers Hotline lines expire after five (5) days. This is because after five (5) days, the lines could have moved.

The markings are usually done by Diggers Hotline, please contact them for further information.

Accurate Appraisal, LLC, the assessing firm that Village has contracted with for property assessments, updates ⅙ of the property record cards for the Village of Bayside each year. Although ⅙ of the properties have been chosen for an interior walk through, the entire municipality will be revalued. If you have received a letter, your property has been chosen this year to be updated. The purpose of the walk through is to obtain a proper listing of the rooms and to gather other essential data to make a fair and equitable assessment of your property. Without proper interior data, they must make certain presumptions and estimates that may not be correct. In such situations, Accurate Appraisal, LLC cannot be held responsible for errors that may jeopardize an accurate property assessment. Also, you could lose the right to appeal the assessment to the Board of REview should it be in error. Wisconsin Statute 70.47, paragraph 7 (aa): “No person shall be allowed to appear before the Board of Review if they have refused a reasonable written request by the assessor to view the property.”

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