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FAQ Topic: Should I call 911?

My pet is lost, what do I do?

Bayside Communications Center maintains a log of lost pets. If your pet is lost, or you locate a lost pet in the North Shore, please contact us to see if someone called in a pet that was lost or located at 414-351-9900. Call Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control 414-649-8640. Any located animals are taken to … Continued

How do I report a dangerous driver?

Using your mobile device in hands-free mode, you simply call 9-1-1. Any telecommunicator in the State can route your report to the closest police agency. Try to give a description of the vehicle and the driver (if possible). Remember the acronym CYMBAL – color, year, make, body style and license of the vehicle. Don’t take … Continued

Can I call dispatch to check the status of plowing?

Unfortunately, dispatch does not monitor the progress of plowing in individual communities. Please call your local municipality directly for questions regarding services. Village of Bayside Village of Brown Deer Village of Fox Point City of Glendale Village of River Hills  Village of Shorewood Village of Whitefish Bay

Who do I contact about a down power line or power outage?

Please remember that heavy winds can cause down power lines. If you need immediate assistance and/or need to report a down line that is in traffic or causing a hazard, please call 911. If you are simply reporting a power outage, please call WE Energies at 1-800-662-4797 or at this link:

Should I call 911 if I’m in an accident?

You do NOT need to call the police if you are involved in an accident and no one is hurt, there is minimal property damage, and the accident is not blocking traffic or creating a hazard. For a fender bender or minor collision, exchange contact and insurance information and file a police report on your … Continued

How do I report suspicious activity in my community?

You can dial 911 to report any suspicious activity. Be prepared to answer the dispatcher’s questions, including where the suspicious activity is occurring and additional details of what is happening such as: –  What happened? – Where and when did it occur? –  Is anyone injured? –  Description of vehicle(s) – License plate number(s) –  … Continued

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