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Bayside's Electronic Eyes

Home security cameras allow residents to deter would-be criminals, protect packages left on the doorstep, and even communicate with strangers on their property without ever having to open the front door. These cameras are also a great tool for law enforcement as they capture images of criminal suspects and their vehicles, not just on your own property, but in areas adjacent to your property. These images could be key pieces of evidence that help solve a crime that occurred in your neighborhood. To help us identify locations we can check for possible video footage of criminal incidents, we have created the Bayside Electronic Eyes (B.E.E.) Camera Registration Program.

Registration with the B.E.E. Program is voluntary, confidential, and has no fees associated with it. Registering your camera does not provide the Bayside Police Department with direct access to your camera(s). The Bayside Police Department will only contact you directly to request the appropriate video surveillance footage during an investigation if there is an incident in the vicinity of your surveillance system.

Help us put the sting on crime by registering your security cameras today.

Register Your Cameras!

Click Bayside Electronic Eyes (B.E.E.) Camera Registration Program below and help us put the sting on crime!

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