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myBlue, Building the Bond...One Street at a Time

mybmyBlue is that tailored delivery of individualized police services, non-urgent advice, resources, or one-on-one communications that are offered to small sections of the Village. It’s that missing piece that describes how the Police Department will deliver tailored services to small neighborhoods.

Just as with the old-world “cop on the beat” who walked a small area of his city and learned the nuances of his patrol area, so too will the Bayside officer. It’s all about personal contact.

myBlue is all about a personal touch where a call for advice, information, guidance, or providing resource or direction is needed.

myBlue does not replace urgent responses.

myBlue puts officers in closer contact with residents and businesses.

9-1-1 is still the best way in an emergency or urgent need for the police or fire department.

How myBlue Works

myblueBased upon population concentration within small geographic areas of the Village, eight delineated neighborhoods, or sectors, have been laid out upon which the Sector Officers will focus. These police liaisons will dedicate their time to their assigned geographic area and will work to gather opinions and points of view about neighborhood issues and needs, neighborhood behaviors, Village services, and any unspoken fear of crime or threats to lifestyle.

Contact doesn't necessarily begin with a face-to-face meeting. The initial program effort is to have each officer introduce him or herself and explain the program to every resident in the sector - either in person, by mail, or by e-mail. Sector officers may conduct quarterly mobile meetings at a host home designated to generate two-way communications and help the officers understand their sectors through the eyes of the residents.

Officers will create a network of neighbors to enhance community communication and share resources as well as concerns. Networks may already exist, but if not, the task is to create one that provides solid, two-way communication. The goal is for small group neighborhood meetings to give way to block parties, picnics, and meaningful connection of the police to neighbors and neighbors to neighbors.

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