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Critical Policies

The Bayside Police Department is accredited by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG) and adheres to all best core practices as defined in the State Statutes and the by-laws of WILEAG. Part of the commitment to the residents and visitors in Bayside is to provide a transparent connection by publishing key policies that govern the actions by Bayside Police Officers.

Use of Force - These are guidelines that govern how, when, and to what degree Bayside Police Officers may use the various control methods, or types of force in which they are trained.

Citizen Complaints - This is the procedure that the police will follow if a person wants to make a complaint about an officer's conduct or actions. It is also the policy that governs how the Department will investigate and respond to the complainant.

If you have a question about a policy, please contact the Chief of Police at or by calling 414-206-3916.

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