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What To Do With Dog Waste?

Here are a few ways to safely handle dog doo-doo:

  • Yard – Scoop it. Get a good scooper and a little rake to scoop up the poo. You can place the poo in the garbage daily or fill a 5-gallon bucket or other container lined with a bag. Cover your poo pail and empty it when you think it’s full enough.
  • Yard – Compost. Consider purchasing a dog waste composter or make your own. Resources and how-to videos are available through a simple web search.
    • COMPOSTING DO NOT’s: 1. Don’t place the dog composter near fruit or vegetable plants. 2. Don’t compost dog waste with you regular composter, 3. Do not include dog waste with Shorewood’s yard waste collection or curbside organic compost collection! 4. NEVER COMPOST CAT POO! It contains toxoplasmosis which is toxic to humans and is especially dangerous for pregnant women.
  • Yard – Hire a Service. If you really don’t want to pick up your yard have someone else do it.  Problem solved!
  • On A Walk. Pick it up! Keep a few poop biodegradable poo bags in your pocket for quick dog poo cleanup.  It’s not the most appetizing prospect, but it’s really not that bad. It’s the right thing to do and others will appreciate it! Picking up poo with a bag is easy, just put your hand in the bag, grab the dog poop with the bag, turn the bag inside out with your other hand, and tie it up. Find a local garbage can or toss it in your garbage when you get home. We recommend biodegradable waste bags since regular plastic bags don’t break down for 20 to 1,000 years! Can you imagine all our landfills filled with billions of pounds of bags of poo that don’t decompose?
  • Flush It. Many resources say the best way to manage dog waste is to flush it. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), who handles our flushables, agrees. So you just need to get past bringing it in the house, but indeed this is the safest and easiest way to manage Fido’s waste. One way is to place the poo in a plastic container like an empty sour cream container and then gently pour the poo into the toilet bowl to avoid splashing. Emptying a bag may prove troublesome.
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