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2024 Capital Projects

Looking for updates on projects happening in or around Bayside? You have come to the right place! Below you will find information regarding various projects in our community.

I-43 North-South

The I-43 North-South Freeway is among the busiest routes in Wisconsin and is a critical Interstate link between southeast Wisconsin and the entire state. I-43 provides access to manufacturers, merchants, commuters and tourists within southeast Wisconsin, the Milwaukee metropolitan area, and other areas including Green Bay, Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Chicago.

WisDOT has maintained and rehabilitated the ramps, bridges, pavements and other structures on I-43 for 50 years. The North-South Freeway has exceeded its design life and it is no longer economical to maintain.

This project includes the expansion of I-43 from four to six lanes, the reconstruction of five existing interchanges along the corridor, ​a new interchange at Highland Road, and the replacement of the Union Pacific railroad bridge over I-43 in Glendale. The project also includes the expansion of a section of Port Washington Road in Glendale from two lanes to four lanes. During construction, the project will work to keep two lanes open in each direction - similar to existing conditions.

This project is being completed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

For any questions or concerns throughout construction, please contact:

Rachel Andreoli

Construction Public Involvement Lead

(262) 977-0234

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Tree Trimming

The Village of Bayside has an established tree maintenance program which consists of the care and improvement of all trees on public property and in the Village right-of-way. The goal is to complete safety pruning for each street tree once every five to seven years. Safety pruning is important because tree branches that hang too low can impede sight lines, damage vehicles, injure pedestrians, and impact the health of a tree. The Department of Public works will utilize a map that has split the Village into five sections, targeting one section per year to ensure the goal is completed.

Prior to safety trimming, residents will be notified with a door hanger at least one week in advance that a tree adjacent to their property will be trimmed.


Right-of-Way Tree Inventory

Through grant awarded monies, Wachtel Tree Science will be assessing trees along Village Right-of-Ways and municipal properties throughout the month of April. Wachtel Arborists assess features of the tree like the growth space size, height class, specie classification, health condition, and more. The tree inventory assessment will aid in the development of a strategic work plan to manage our urban forest over the next five years. The work plan will serve as the foundation of our decision-making process, enabling us to identify priorities, assess the health of our public tree canopies, and uncover opportunities for growth and enhancement. This proactive approach will allow us to address issues such as canopy loss, species diversity, and overall tree health.

Residents can expect to see Wachtel staff in the community wearing hi-vis surveyor vests, walking along streets and within our park.


North Shore East Median Restoration

The Village has begun work restoring the median at the entrance of the North Shore East neighborhood at Fairy Chasm Road and Broadmoor Road. The Department of Public Works has completed the stone wall, filled the area with soil, installed the decorative border stone, and planted the three trees. The rest of the work, including plantings of flowers and placement of a decorative memorial rock, will be completed by the middle to late of April.

North Port Washington Road Landscaping

The Village will be completing a landscape restoration project along the newly constructed I-43 sound wall along North Port Washington Road near Laramie Lane. The project will include the planting of arborvitae and serviceberry trees along the pond fence, the construction of a stone wall planter bed, plantings of flowers and grasses, and the installation of a Village of Bayside sign. The estimated completion of the project is the end of May.

2024 Road Project

The 2024 Road Project area will include:

  • North Regent Road, South Termini at the Village of Fox Point border to Fairy Chasm Road
  • North Tennyson Drive, East Fairy Chasm Road to East Bay Point Road
  • East Bay Point Road, North Tennyson Drive to East Termini

The Village will address stormwater infrastructure, ditch and culverts, including replacing driveway culverts and Village stormwater infrastructure under the roadway, re-ditching the area as needed for a more consistent grade for water flow, and landscape restoration. The project area streets will also be milled, graded, and repaved.

The Village is anticipating the replacement of 28 driveway culverts and 5 Village cross culverts. Replacement of the culverts is determined by the Department of Public Works based on elevation, condition, and size of the existing culvert pipe.

The project is scheduled to start the first week of June and is estimated to be completed prior to Labor Day.

Tennyson Drive Stormwater Management Infrastructure Project

Building on previously installed Green Infrastructure Improvements, the Tennyson Drive Stormwater Management Infrastructure Project seeks to addresses localized flooding during significant storm events and allow stormwater from the drainage basin to collect and direct runoff to the ravine located near Standish Place, southeast of the Tennyson Drive area of concern that currently experiences flooding. The project will be completed by the end of May, weather and contractor dependent, with final restorations including minor landscaping and several road patch repairs due to the settling of the road.


East Side Sanitary Sewer Relief Project

In the summer of 2023, the East Bayside Sanitary Sewer Relief Project was completed, consisting of the development of a new sanitary sewer relief system for the area bounded by East Bay Point Road to the north, North Bayside Drive to the east, East Hermitage Road to the south, and North Lake Drive to the west.

Temporary street resurfacing was completed in 2023 to allow for settling. Final repaving of the effected roads, North Lake Drive from East Manor Circle to East Fairy Chasm and East Fairy Chasm Road from North Lake Drive to North Tennyson Drive, will be completed by the middle of June, weather and contractor dependent.

Brown Deer Road Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure Study

The Village Engineer is preparing a work plan to identify sewer capacity and develop engineered solutions to enhance sanitary sewer capacity in the 8-block area bounded by Brown Deer Road, Krause Place, Iroquois Road, and Navajo Road.  The scope of work includes creating a computer model of the sewers in the area and develop recommendations for consideration.

MMSD Fish Creek Study

The purpose of this project is to reduce the risk of flooding along Fish Creek in the Village of Bayside while protecting an environmentally sensitive stream corridor downstream. The scope of the project consists of conducting a preliminary engineering study of Fish Creek to mitigate for current and future anticipated flood risks associated with additional runoff expected from land use changes in the watershed.

The current effective Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain for Fish Creek has not changed since these earlier studies and is only delineated in Milwaukee County within the Village of Bayside, which corresponds to the District’s jurisdiction.  No structures are within the effective FEMA floodplain. About a decade ago, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) created new hydrologic and hydraulic models for Fish Creek that expanded the mapping upstream into Ozaukee County within the City of Mequon.  SEWRPC has not submitted the revised modeling and floodplain mapping to FEMA, because the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) requested that they delay until the Interstate 43 (I-43) widening project was completed and its improvements could be incorporated.

The updated SEWRPC modeling and floodplain mapping show eleven structures in the Village of Bayside are now at high risk of flooding. Preliminary SEWRPC modeling of proposed increases in watershed imperviousness shows greater flows and water surface elevations downstream, putting those eleven structures in Bayside at greater risk of flooding and potentially endangering other structures.  Fish Creek and its tributary are the District’s jurisdictional streams, and the District has a responsibility to explore flood mitigation options on these streams.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has designated the downstream portions of Fish Creek the Fairy Chasm State Natural Area.  Fish Creek flows through a 100-foot-deep chasm in this state-designated natural area owned by the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust.  Unique conditions have created a microclimate for species typically found further north.  Any proposed projects upstream shall protect this area against erosive streamflows.

The scope of the project generally consists of the following:

  • Reviewing the hydrologic and hydraulic modeling done by WisDOT and SEWRPC.  Fish Creek and its tributaries will be evaluated.
  • Examining and documenting field conditions, paying particular attention to stream erosion potential.
  • Analyzing alternatives for mitigating flooding within the Village of Bayside.
  • Recommending an alternative to reduce risk of flooding to structures in the Village of Bayside while protecting downstream reaches from erosion.
  • Producing preliminary engineering plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the selected alternative.
  • Facilitating stakeholder workshops and public meetings.

The Consultant’s evaluations and recommendations will be summarized in the Preliminary Engineering Design Report.


MMSD Private Property Infiltration & Inflow Reduction Program

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Private Property Infiltration and Inflow Reduction project is a program to allow MMSD to rehabilitate the area near the Bay Point lift station and other properties identified in the Village, funded through grant monies. MMSD will engineer, project manage, and rehabilitate the identified property's laterals. This project will help reduce the chance of basement backups for the entire neighborhood as well as assist with reducing flows contributing to the Bayside East Side Sanitary Sewer Relief.

Through investigative work, MMSD has identified 11 properties that qualify for rehabilitation. These properties will undergo work that includes lateral rehabilitations, installation of sump pumps, abandonment of palmer valves, disconnection of downspouts, and grouting of laterals. The anticipated work plan for the area near Bay Point lift station will have bid openings in May, with an anticipated project awarding in June, followed by work beginning in fall.

Advanced Warning Crosswalk System Replacement

The Village of Bayside will be replacing Advanced Warning Crosswalk Systems at two intersections: Brown Deer Road and Regent Road, and Brown Deer Road and Pelham Parkway. The purpose of the project is to prioritize and enhance pedestrian safety and road crossing experiences. These advanced systems will replace outdated crosswalk infrastructure while introducing additional early warning signs. With heightened visibility and proactive signs, our new crosswalks will aid in safer road crossings, safeguarding pedestrians, and motorists alike.  

The Village applied for and received a competitive grant that will aid in funding the project costs. The Village recently received state approval for the procurement of the crosswalk systems. The estimated installation and completion of this project is the middle of August.

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