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Snow Plowing

Snow Removal

The Village performs its own snow removal. Several factors figure into how snow/ice is treated. Please view the Village’s snow removal policy.

  • Salting will occur on a situational basis and often will be applied prior to actual snowfall.
  • Plowing will begin when accumulation reaches approximately 3 inches.
  • If your mailbox has been damaged from snow removal, please report it through Access Bayside. The Village is not responsible for mailboxes with pre-existing damage.

More Information

A few notes with regard to snow removal:

  • Village crews may apply anti-icing liquid to Village streets depending upon future forecasts. This liquid is applied directly to bare streets.
  • Salt is applied only as needed on main streets, curves, and intersections. Secondary streets receive minimal salt placement to reduce financial and environmental impacts.
  • Wondering why the snowplow blades aren’t down?
    • The truck may be driving from one assignment to another.
    • If a road has been recently salted, driving the the plow down will remove the salt that has been applied.
    • It may be a salting only event, where plows aren’t required.

Snow Smarts

Looking for more information on salt, calcium chloride, and brine? Here’s some fast facts:

  • Road salt works great when road temperatures are 25°F and up.
  • Road salts effectiveness decreases as road temperatures decrease.
  • If the road temperature is below 15°F, additives like calcium chloride are mixed in.
    • Calcium chloride, when mixed with water, generates heat which helps to melt the ice.
  • The Village recently built their own brine machine.
    • Brine is a solution of water and salt.
    • Brine lowers the freezing temperatures of water, prevents snow and ice from bonding to the road’s surface, coats the roadways better than salt, and uses less salt than normal salting procedures.
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