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2024 Adopt-A-Tree Program

The Adopt-A-Tree Program is back again this year offering three tree options as we continue our efforts to maintain a 5% species threshold and to diversify the Village's tree population!

2024 Tree Options:

  • Autumn Gold Gingko
  • Green Gable Black Gum
  • Snowdance Tree Lilac

Location Options:

  • Public Right-of-Way Trees: Cost per tree is $250, and includes 1 tree, planting in the public right-of-way, mulching, and initial watering.
  • Private Property Trees: Cost per tree is $300, and only includes the tree. Trees can be planted on private property.

Trees can be requested online and paid for online or by dropping off a check in the drop box at Village Hall.

Forestry Services

The Village conducts tree pruning and removal as necessary on Village-owned trees. The Village currently maintains nearly 4,200 trees in the right-of-way and municipal property. The responsibilities of Village crews include:

  • Tree pruning/removal
  • Tree planting
  • Stump removals
  • Landscape
  • Maintenance

Tree Trimming

The Village has an established tree maintenance program which consists of the care and improvement of all trees in the public property and in the Village right-of-way. The goal is to complete safety pruning for each street tree once every five to seven years.

Tree trimming is important because tree branches that hang too low can impede sight lines, damage vehicles, injure pedestrians, and impact the health of a tree.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

In 2022, the Village had successfully removed all of the EAB infected trees in the public right-of-way. To counteract the trees removed, the Village has also been proactive in planting replacement trees and offering trees through the Adopt-a-Tree program.

For new trees, the Village has implemented a 5% maximum specie threshold, ensuring maximum diversification of newly planted trees to prevent from catastrophic future tree loss.

Much of this work has been funded through Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry grants. The Village continually strives to search for new and improved ways to continue to reinvest and grow our urban forest.

The Village has been recognized as a Tree City USA since 2008.

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