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Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage and Recycling

One potential reason is it may not have been paid for yet. If you log a request through Access Bayside and don’t get a response, reach out to Village Hall for clarification.

The sticker that was placed on your can was installed by the DPW in an effort to curb the unacceptable items from being placed in the cans. The stickers lay out what is acceptable while also stating what shouldn’t be in them. These stickers are being installed on every recycling can in the Village.

The Department of Public Works asks that you have your items out by 7:00am. If you had them out by that time, please contact Village Hall. If not, call backs will be charged for a fee of $45 each time.

Plastic bags get tangled in the processing equipment. Plastic bags can be recycled at many department stores in the area. Waste Management states that the best practice is to place items directly in the recycling can with no bag at all.

Your recycling container could have been tagged or not collected for several reasons, most likely though, you had plastic bags in your recycling. Plastic bags and items that can tangle, like a garden hose, are prohibited material to put in your recycling can.

Individual garbage and recycling cans were provided to each home by the Village of Bayside. When moving, you can take any additional garbage or recycling cans you purchased with you or you can contact Village Hall to have the additional cans picked up.

The answer is simple, we don’t know. On all collection periods, residents must have their collection materials curbside by 7am the day of their collection period. For recycling and garbage, follow the schedule. For yard waste/leaf collection, have your items curbside by 7am Monday morning of the collection week.

Fairy Chasm Road and all roads to the north are on Monday; anything south of Fairy Chasm Road will be on Tuesday. Recycling alternates every other week north/south. Schedules are available online. Schedules change around holidays so be sure to check the calendar during these times.

Can this be collected?

No, put them in the garbage.

Contact the North Shore Fire Department to dispose of a fire extinguisher.

Bayside participates in a Milwaukee County program that allows Bayside residents to dispose of their household hazardous waste at various Hazardous Waste facilities. For more information please contact the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District at 272-5100 or visit

The Village of Bayside cannot accept items that contain Freon. Please visit Refrigerant Depot’s website or call them at 414-627-1152.

We do not accept ant/mouse poison because it is a hazardous waste. Contact Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District (MMSD) for more information and disposing of it.

Yard Waste

Yard waste piles can be up to but no greater than 250 cubic yards, or 10′ long by 5′ wide by 5′ high. Any branches in the pile cannot be longer than 5′.

Pumpkins can be added to your yard waste or loose-leaf pile and will be picked up during the scheduled collections. There will also be pumpkin disposal carts located at Village Hall during the month of November.

First, check for a pink tag. It usually has information why the pile wasn’t collected. Some of the main offenses are restricted materials were in the pile (i.e. sticks, branches, large leaf debris like hostas), pile was too far into the ditch and could not be reached by the machine, there was more than one pile, or the pile was too close to another object (mailbox, garbage can, etc.).

Yard waste and leaves must be roadside by7am on the first day of collection week. Crews pass through the Village once for each collection during the scheduled week. 

Currently, Bayside provides curbside collection of leaves, fruit debris, garden debris, twigs and brush. The Village does not pick up grass clippings, thatch, sod, or contractor-generated landscaping debris. If you utilize the services of a lawn service, landscape contractor, tree service, etc., you must make arrangements with them to dispose of their debris.

For grass clippings and extra soil, dirt, or sod, you can compost or mulch it back into your yard. You can also utilize local compost companies to collect and remove the waste.

It depends. Please do not overflow your bags during collection. An informative bagged yard waste collection video can be found on the Village of Bayside YouTube Channel. This video explains the do’s and don’ts during yard waste collection.

Please have all contents out curbside by 7am on the first day of collection. Village crews come through once, so not putting it out by that time can cause your property to be missed. Another reason might be that your bag(s) had content that the Village does not collect. Please visit the Village of Bayside’s YouTube channel for a video of what to do during bagged yard waste collection.

The Village of Bayside is divided into nine (9) sections. Of these sections, DPW works through the Village going into each zone one time. Bagged yard waste collection ends on Friday, so it is possible that DPW has not reached your section yet. Please visit the Village of Bayside’s YouTube channel for a video of what to do during bagged yard waste collection.

First, check for a pink tag. It usually has information why the pile wasn’t collected. Two main offenses are restricted material (i.e. grass, dirt) and the pile is larger than the allowed size.

Yard waste is collected in the Village April through November. Loose leaves are only collected in the fall. During the spring and summer, leaves should be bagged for collection. In addition to roadside collection, the Village also offers select drop off dates for yard waste and excess recycling. Collection weeks and special collection days can be found in the annual collection guide


The Village contracted with a certified arborist who completed a Village tree right-of-way inspection which yields a condition report on every Village-owned tree. The trees being marked for removal have been declared dead or dying and too far gone by the certified arborist.

The Village will make a determination if a tree is in the right-of-way. If it is not in the right-of-way, the survey can help determine if it is on the property. Sometimes there are metal stakes slightly under the ground at the corners of the property.

No, the Village cannot go onto private property to retrieve a downed privately-owned tree. You will have to perform the work yourself or hire a private company. This Village cannot recommend any private companies

First, the Village would need to see if the tree is in the right-of-way. The right-of-way is generally 10-15 feet back from the road, but varies throughout the Village. If the tree is on the right-of-way, the tree belongs to the Village of Bayside and Department of Public Works will remove it. If any of the tree is on private property, the Department of Public Works will not cut down the tree and the resident will need to remove the tree.

The Village encourages neighbors to communicate in order to prevent possible disagreements. You are allowed to trim the tree to the property line; however, you cannot do so in a manner that would cause the tree future health issues.

The Village encourages neighbors to communicate in order to prevent possible disagreements. You can submit a Service Request under myBlue and a police officer will assist with the issue.

This is a tool the DPW uses to mark trees for removal.

Please contact Village Hall at 414-206-3915. A formal inspection will be done to determine tree health and ownership.


No, there is only one. Differences in color can be a result of whether the mulch is wet or dry.

Mulch will be restocked weekly. To access the mulch, turn onto the Village’s property from Fairy Chasm Road across from Broadmoor Road. The mulch is behind the sledding hill.

No, but we do have a pile available on the sled hill parking lot that is free for the taking.


Yes, as long as the property’s stormwater does not negatively impact another property including the right-of-way.

No, Village code states that no sump pump, downspout, catch basin, drain tile, swimming pool, hot tub, or spa drain outfall, including temporary extensions added thereto, may direct water within ten feet of adjoining properties or otherwise affect drainage on adjoining properties, including, but not limited to, federal, state, county and village owned properties, thoroughfares and rights-of-way. If you notice a violation of this code, you may contact Village Hall for a property maintenance inspection.

While there are no guaranteed ways to prevent backups, there are a few things you can do to prevent the likelihood of one occurring in your home. During heavy rains, do not run the washer or dishwasher if you don’t have to. Also, limit the amount of time in the shower.

Inspect your lateral and perform regular maintenance and cleaning to your private lateral allowing water to exit easily.

This is most often caused by regular drying of the drain trap. Simply pour a bucket of water down the drain to see if this alleviates the problem. If your problem persists, contact a private plumber.

If a plumber deems it not a private property issue, please contact Dispatch at (414) 351-9900 and they will contact DPW. If the incident occurs during non-office hours, owners are encouraged to contact a private plumber and inform DPW at their earliest convenience.

A private sanitary lateral is the pipe that connects your home (sinks, showers, toilets) to the Village’s sanitary sewer system. The private lateral ownership and maintenance responsibility is that of the property owner.

It is an underground stormwater management tool that is used to collect water under the surface and allow it to slowly disperse into the ground. It is constructed of stone, pea gravel, sand and finally dirt which will be replanted with grass.

The best way to improve stormwater is to allow for additional infiltration of water on your lawn (rain gardens). Also, rain barrels are useful ways to help recycle rainwater to use during drier times.

Yard Maintenance

No, the Department of Public Works does not mow any private land. In the event of a property maintenance violation, the Village will make arrangements for the grass to be cut.

Village code states that grass cannot be longer than 5 inches.  The Village encourages neighbors to communicate in order to prevent possible disagreements. You may contact the Police Department at 414-206-3916 if issues remain unresolved.

Branches up to 6 inches in diameter and no longer than 5 feet in length may be placed at the edge of the road for collection. Branches should be neatly stacked, and cuts ends parallel to the road. Piles bigger than 5’x5’x10′ require a Special Pick-Up.

In the fall, leaves must be raked into a single pile at the side of the road. Please do not mix leaves with other yard waste or rake leaves into the road. Piles that include material other than leaves WILL NOT be collected. 

Special Pickups

Residents can schedule and pay for a special pick-up by calling Village Hall at 414-206-3915.

The additional fee is based off of the Village fee schedule set up by the Village Board. View the Village fee schedule for additional costs.

Special pick-ups of bulk items can be scheduled for  every first and third Thursday year-round through Access Bayside. The base fee is $80.

Village Projects

It is not littering, the toilet paper acts as a sealant to hold the tar in place after the crew has performed road crack filling, allows for traffic to drive on it immediately, and prevents it from sticking to car tires which will pull the tar out of the roadway.

The grass seed that the Village uses takes anywhere from 10-21 days to show signs of growth. There are so many variables that play into this such as the time of year, temperature, and moisture being the main factors. If restoration has happened in your yard, please help the Village out and give it some water.

Eventually, yes. The Village maintains a program by the State of Wisconsin called the Pacer Program. This program rates every road in the Village of Bayside. During the culvert project, residents have the option to find a private contractor to perform the work or use the Village’s out of network program. The out of network program does not include repairing the driveway.

New grass needs to be watered daily to grow; most failed restorations are from not watering new grass. Normal germination or sight of grass growth is between 10-21 days.

Driveways, and the subsequent culvert, repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you’re planning to have your culvert replaced, you must apply for an impervious surface/culvert permit.

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